Waterproofing is more than just a protective measure for your home or building; monitoring and knowing where water damages your living space can save you from costly repairs and structural damage. It is essential to focus on troubleshooting, checking, and tracing the source of water seepage. Often, customers need to understand that treating the damage caused by water seepage is sufficient. Fixing the source is most critical.

The types of waterproofing that we provide for Roof and external waterproofing:

  • Application of high-performance, multi-layer, fabric-reinforced waterproofing system that allows for high build-up thickness to overcome unevenness of concrete roof surfaces, forming a flexible and yet impermeable waterproofing membrane with enhanced durability.
  • Bitumen Torching using Davco’s SK Fastorch or SK2000 for long-term waterproofing.
  • External facade waterproofing and painting, we provide our unique mastic waterproofing system.
  • For the hidden water seepage location, we would have to tackle it internally. We offer polyurethane foam injection using high-foaming, fast reactive hydrophobic resins that effectively control or stop complex water ingress events.

Let's have a look at our waterproofing work:

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