Glass and Metal

Glass works

Ezzogenics specialises in fabricating and installing high-quality glass and mirrors. We refer to the regular mundane glass requests, huge glass pieces (longer than 4.8 m), or laminated glass with SGP instead of the usual PVB layer. Or, if you fancy a champagne or bronze-type mirror, we can fabricate and install those types, too.

Tailored Fabrication: We take pride in our ability to create custom glass and mirror solutions to suit your unique needs.
Residential Excellence: In home design, glass and mirrors are versatile materials that can elevate the aesthetics of any room. Consider installing a custom-cut mirror in your living room to create the illusion of space. Our glass shower enclosures can turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Glass railings give your staircase a contemporary and open feel.
Commercial Brilliance: Our glass and mirror installations are the perfect choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression. From mirrored walls that add a sense of grandeur to your entryway to glass partitions that foster collaboration in office spaces, we cater to a wide range of commercial needs.
Safety and Sustainability: We priorities safety and sustainability. Our glass products use high-quality, tempered glass that meets industry safety standards.
Combination of metal and glass works: Our team of specialists can fabricate combination works such as glass roofs with metal fabrication, skylight roofs, or unique glass flooring for home balconies.

Metal works

Do consider Ezzogenics for your various metal fixtures and fabrication work!

  • We offer a combination of services to support metal installation, such as facade metal welding, safety barriers for work at height, composite roof panels, and laminated glass panel installation.
  • Specialists in the aluminum fabrication of main auto gates for landed and condominium properties. Offering Bluetooth control Apps for management of your auto gate.
  • Whether your vision involves the rugged strength of mild steel, the timeless elegance of stainless steel, or the lightweight durability of aluminum, we offer a range of metal works to suit your needs.
  • We understand that every project is unique. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to bring your ideas to life, providing bespoke solutions that exceed expectations.
  • Our team combines glass, wood, and metal works that exceed the typical capabilities of the average metal works contractor.

Let's have a look at our glass and metal works:

Why choose Ezzogenics?

It can be difficult to choose the best service provider for your project, especially if you have never used the company’s services before. When it comes to construction solutions, Singaporeans’ homes, businesses, and industrial facilities all turn to our company. Here’s why Ezzogenics is still the market leader in electrical engineering services.

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