Residential carpentry: From custom cabinetry to intricate trim work, together, our interior designer and carpenter will strive to achieve your vision of a warm, comfortable home to return to each day. Our team could deliver a range of carpentry items, from room wardrobes to kitchen cabinets, study tables, TV consoles, and display cabinets.

Retail Commercial Carpentry: From display shelving units to intricate fixtures, these creations showcase products and enhance the shopping experience. With our interior designer, we can explore the ideas of brand reflection, customization, and practicality of design in terms of price.

Ezzogenics, as a one-stop HDB Registered Contractor (HB-095474D), BCA Interior Works and Finishing Registered Contractor (CR06), and BCA General Builder (GB2) contractor company, offers the flexibility of our in-house interior designer, carpenter, woodworker, electrician, plasterer, false ceiling, or plumber.

Let's have a look at our carpentry work:

Why choose Ezzogenics?

It can be difficult to choose the best service provider for your project, especially if you have never used the company’s services before. When it comes to construction solutions, Singaporeans’ homes, businesses, and industrial facilities all turn to our company. Here’s why Ezzogenics is still the market leader in electrical engineering services.

Qualifications and registration: